When you buy ANY software, especially one's that have just been launched, they can sometimes be prone to having problems.

You will often find, after the launch of a new product and after all the problems have been put right, that the software then goes on to a monthly pricing structure.

One of the advantages of buying a software during its "launch" phase, is the HUGE savings that you can make on, what will be, the ongoing price.

From my experience, of buying hudreds of products over the years, most do go on to be fully working and expensive software's that are worth having in your portfolio to help you do your jobs easier and faster.

What Happens When There Is A Problem?

Every developer has, what's called, a "support ticket system". This is used to alert a developer of any problems or to ask for help on how to use some or all of the software (Training video's are always available). A developer will normally get back to you within 24-48 hours BUT sometimes it might not be that easy to solve your issue.

During the launch of a product, there can be thousands of copies of the software being sold. That means there can be thousands of new customers asking questions, usually the same questions! Some of the smaller, less experienced developers, can get overwhelmed by all these questions coming in to them in a short period of time. The idea of a good nights sleep during a launch is none existent!

So your problem may not be resolved as quickly as you think it should have to learn to be patient! Or, wait six months and buy the product when all the "bugs" have been rectified. BUT, be prepared to pay a much higher price. I have seen products launch for $27 and are now sold for $297!

How Does Your 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

I'm glad you asked. If you experience any issues with your purchase, you need to send us a detailed explanation of the problem you are experiencing. Chances are, we have already been asked that question and can answer you much quicker than the developer as we only have hundreds of customers and not thousands...usually.

If it cannot be solved by us, then we will help you set up an account in their support system and will help you send in your first support ticket. This is where the "30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee" starts. We will then monitor the problem...with you...and we will work together with the developer to get a satisfactory outcome to the issue. If this all happens within the 30 day period, then happy days.

If, after 30 days, the problem has not be resolved and we BOTH feel the developer can't resolve it, then we will issue you with, what we call, "Support Dollars". These Dollars will be visible in your dashboard, which you have set up, by us, after your first purchase. Our dashboard is great because it keeps all your purchases and FREE gifts in one, easy to manage place.

How Can I Spend my Support Dollars?

Due to the nature of our business and how we operate, we cannot do money back guarantees. We have a group of people who supply us with with these deals to make sure you are buying new software's at the BEST possible prices. One of the agreements, with our our partners, is that we won't keep going back to them demanding refunds for products that don't work. After all, it's NOT their fault the product has issues and having paid out hundreds of dollars on Reseller Rights, they need a quick return on their investment so they can buy more products, for us to sell at a GREAT price. You can also become one of our partners if you wish.Click on the "Got something to sell?" link at the base of this page.

So, how can you spend your support dollars? When you next make a purchase on our site, you can use some or all of your support dollars as a discount against that purchase. The amount of dollars you can use, cannot exceed 33% of the product you are buying.

Can You Give Me An Example?

Certainly. Let's say you have been given $60 of Support Dollars. If you are buying a software that costs $60 then you cannot use more than $20, of your support dollars, against that purchase. ($60 minus 33% = $20). So, in this example, your new support balance would be $40. If your next purchase was to be $120, then you can use all of your remaining support dollars, i.e. $40, as a discount against this purchase , so you would only pay $80.

Still not sure, Can You Give Me Another Example?

Of course. Ok, let's say you had $50 of support dollars. You wanted to buy one or more products on our site and they all totalled $180. 33% of $180 is $60, so on this purchase, you could use a maximum of $60 in support dollars, but you only have $50. As $50 is less than $60 you can use them and clear your support dollar balance!

What does all this mean?

Good question. At the end of the day, no one wants to hand over their money for a product that dosen't work as it should. We do not want our customers to lose out, but we also don't want our partners to lose out as it's nobodys fault except the developer. So, we came up with our support dollar system, to make sure that, if you buy a faulty product, you "effectively" get your money back through your future purchases. All our customers are what makes this site work along with our partners and we just want to keep everyone happy. Any questions, use the Live Chat in the bottom left hand corner, or send an email to [email protected] Have a GREAT day!

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