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Thanks for your interest in InstaZign.

InstaZign involves two elements
1) AI Design creation tool
2) Click sharing through social media

The main thing is on the AI design creation tool.
There is no tool in the market that does what InstaZign does.

Unfortunately the click sharing cannot be shared because unlike some of the same vendor’s recent products, the account I created cannot create your own profiles. I would need to create that profile. That profile is then needed to link to your respective social media. Meaning I would need to have admin access to your social media. This would make it unworkable. That is why this function is excluded. 

Still despite this lack in function, the design creation function, is excellent.
You then need to download the design created.

All the functions in the OTOs are accessible, except to share / post via Social Media.
1) OTO 1 – VIP Pro
400 Built-In, Ready-to-Use SMART Templates in 12 Niches
Create Unlimited Designs and Transform Into NINETEEN Different Sizes Instantly
1,300 Designer Backgrounds etc

2) OTO 2 – Diamond PRO
1 Click TEN Redesign Spinner
Drag-n-Drop Editor

3) OTO 3 – Video PRO
Automated GIF Creator
Video To GIF Converter
500 Mouthwatering, Built-in Design Templates

4) OTO 4 – Black PRO
MASSIVE Cinematography Viral Traffic
Produce Stunning 2.5D Innovative Cinematography Motions

You can either do the posting manually or use other tools for it.
The main thing about InstaZign is the AI design creator Plus the OTOs gives you integration with video creators, gifs, parralax videos, cinematography etc)


Instazign FE – InstaZign PRO ($27)

Instazign OTO 1 – InstaZign VIP Pro | MASS Automated Graphic Designer ($49)

Instazign OTO 2 – InstaZign Diamond PRO | AI-Powered Design Spinner ($49.95)

Instazign OTO 3 – InstaZign Video PRO | Automated GIF Creator ($47)

Instazign OTO 4 – InstaZign Black PRO | Parallax 2.5D Creator ($49)

You will get access to FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + OTO 3 + OTO 4
You will have your own personal login.
All in the same dashboard. The dashboard will have the master login email, you will not be able to change this, but it will not effect anything you will be doing. 
(But you will not be able to create new Instazign accounts)

1) 1 Click Publishing To Facebook and Twitter
2) Client Social Media Management
3) Publish To Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

In other words because of the design and structure of the Agency account, only one Profile can be active at any one time. As such, this Deal Hunter deal does not include adding to your social media profile. That has to be added manually by you uploading your designs yourself.
But still you get other full features of the editing functions of InstaZign plus the OTOs.

(You can render and download the graphics and videos created)

(All will be under one master dashboard. There will be video tutorials to guide on using and setup. Each buyer will have the full highest version except the right to create individual personal users. Every buyer will have your own personal and individual login)


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