Next is the platform that is used to find the best genres and their popularity

Next is the software that is used to create the electronic music. The music is made by….you’ve guessed iit…artificial intelligence..A.I. 🙂 The prompts needed are shown. It shows how you can get the two platforms needed for FREE.

It then goes through setting up the account, in detail, with step by step pictures and how to use the platform/software to create the music tracks.

Then it explains where you can see the your music and how you can earn from EACH download and how these websites will bring the traffic to you (they take 15% so it is in their interest to bring you many customers) 

Easy to follow, step by step instructions for setting up the various accounts with images of each step. Also, how to upload your music and various tips to do it

Then it talks about finding a distributor for your music along with detailed instructions and and valuable tips and tricks on how to do this process for FREE!

Finally, the platform he uses to scale this to find even more customers who are interested in paying to download your tracks.


This is 47 pages in a pdf of clear and concise instructions. No waffle. To learn how to do this yourself would take hours of research and would be costly as you would make mistakes. This guy has done it and shows you everything he has learnt. The people who have followed his instructions are making a very good daily income which would easily repay my cost to you for this course.

The cost to you is only $49.95. This gives you access to his 47 page pdf and allows you to ask him any questions via me.

If you want to purchase this, then please message me for a payment link. Delivery within 1-72 hours (weekdays)




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